Camara  [ καμαρα ] -  stone vault technology that came to Greece from Ancient Rome. First houses and churches with this type of construction start to appear in Mani at 5-6 centuries. Until now you can find many of them around, some of them in perfect condition even after 1000 years and still in use!

Camara is ideal solution for ground floor of the house in such hot countries like Greece Italy or Spain. With Camara you don’t need air conditioner even with 50 degrees outside. You will ask why? The answer is quite easy - the amount of stones that separates you from sun energy is huge. Many tons of rocks absorb sun rays and keep temperature inside house stable low. This is why houses with camares is so comfortable during the summer period. I saw a lot of families that move their bedrooms for summer period to old part of house, where they have camara , because new part of the house made from concrete or bricks and it is terrible hot even at night.

Open Veranda Camara in Mani Village House

This Ancient technologies almost forgotten, so is not easy to find builders that know how to use them , but even if you brave enough to sleep under 30 tons of rocks, the construction of camares is quite expensive.

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