Mani Real Estate: Medieval Houses for Sale

Are you planning to buy House in Mani? Here you can find all villas and houses for sale. Visit real estate agency Stayinmani now to discover our latest offers.

About Us

Stayinmani are a team of local property experts with in-depth knowledge of Estate in The Mani. Our collective understanding of the property market and the challenges buyers must overcome to purchase in the area make us a safe and reliable option for both buyers and sellers.

How we can help

We can help with all enquiries large and small. Our knowledge base of available holdings and out of market opportunities is diverse, ranging from simple homes in idyllic locations to sixteenth-century family castles with a rich history in local folk law and tradition.

Our agency can also assist property investors with unique and specific requirements. It is the dream of many to own land in a region populated with natural water features (like Sterna cuttings), olive groves, and breathtaking scenery to name just a few possibilities. The staff at Stayinmani are happy to discuss individual needs without obligation to help property buyers not only discover the perfect opportunity but also navigate the legal and cultural framework to turn a vision into reality.

Buying in Mani

There are plenty of reasons for choosing the Mani peninsula as a destination to live, work and vacation. Two hundred years of turmoil in the region has created a strong and independent society in the hearts of its native inhabitants. Isolated from much of the ebb and flow of modern life, The Mani is the ideal location for anyone desiring a calm and natural environment with an exceptionally cordial climate.

Sometimes, these benefits can be barriers when attempting to purchase real estate in this untamed region of southern Greece. For example, the first major hurdle to overcome would be the language barrier. Generally speaking, the local residents do not speak English. The importance of understanding the precise details of a property transaction cannot be overstated, especially when buying from abroad. English translation and negotiation between buyer and seller is just one of the essential services we provide.

Our Expertise

The unique and independent identity of the region results in numerous other legal and cultural particularities for property buyers and sellers alike. Take, for instance, the law which states that landowners cannot build a house on land that is less than 11,000 square meters. If the land is situated in a populated area, such as a village, then building is permitted. This example is just one of the many pitfalls buyers can face when purchasing land and property in the Mani. Putting all these considerations into perspective, it makes a lot of sense to liaise with local Estate experts to assist in the search and trouble-free acquisition of property in the Mani.

Stayinmani aims to make the entire process of buying and selling between parties as troublefree and straightforward as possible. Our agency deals with private and commercial clients, and guarantees your enquiry will be handled professionally and (where necessary) discretely.

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